Master's Degree Admission

The admission for the Master's Degree of the Post-Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Surgical Science at Escola Paulista de Medica is throughout the academic year.

1. Application

Registration should be done from monday to friday during business hours at the Program's Office:

Rua Napoleão de Barros, 610 - Vila Clementino
CEP: 04024-002 São Paulo – SP


2. Required Documents
2.1. Registration form completed, with photo and signed. [APPLICATION FORM]
2.2. Curriculum Lattes - according to the CNPQ model.
2.3. College degree
2.4. Academic association (if any).

3. Admission

3.1. Interview with the Coordinator: scheduled by the Program's Office.
3.2. Approval by CEPG: The candidate's enrollment at the Program is subject to approval by the Postgraduate Teaching Commission.

4. Enrrolment

4.1. Registration form completed and signed by the Graduate Student, Supervisor and Coordinator of the Program;
4.2. Birth or marriage certificate;
4.3. CPF, RG, voter registration and military certificate;
4.5. Copies of the initial sheets of the curriculum (Identification and Schooling);
4.6. 2 (two) 3x4 color photos and recent.
4.7. Copy of the diploma of graduation or certificate of completion of the course;
4.8. Graduation school history;
4.9. Certificate of Medical Residency - for MD.

5. Re-enrollments

Graduate students must make annual re-enrollments, with the consent of the Supervisor, until obtaining the title of Master or Doctor in accordance with the general rules of PGPq of UNIFESP.

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