In order to reach the objectives of the Postgraduate Program, a curriculum of academic activities and disciplines of the area of ​​concentration and of the related field was structured, with the purpose of awakening in the postgraduate the interest for the critical evaluation of the scientific information and, mainly , The knowledge of the clinical epidemiological tools necessary for the elaboration of scientific research and its dissemination.
The direct involvement of students in activities such as the preparation of presentations, critical manifestations of scientific research projects, topics of methodology and the development of scientific research are encouraged early in an annual program that is constantly renewed.
The disciplinary structure in Program Modules is the central axis of development of all these activities. These Modules are held monthly with the compulsory participation of faculty and students, where the activities of the compulsory and optional disciplines of the Program are carried out, prioritizing teacher-student interactivity in all sessions. As already mentioned, the compulsory subjects of the Program are

  • Critical Evaluation of Scientific Literature
  • Scientific methodology
  • Writing Works
  • Research Integration
  • Biostatistics
  • Information Technology in Research
  • Research Development
  • Bioethics
  • English Meetings - since 2016, the optional English language course

1. Credits

Credits will be awarded to those students who meet the establishe requirements and are approved with attendance frequency of more minimum 75%.

Course credits for postgraduate programs outside Unifesp must be previously authorized and subsequently validated by the supervisor, and approved by Program Comission.

2. Course Catalog

3. Performance evaluation and Grades
The grading system use letter grades from A to D, as follows:

A – Exceptionally good performance, entitled to credits;
B – Good performance, entitled to credits; 

C – Regular, entitled to credits;
D – Failed, NOT entitled to credits.

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