Post-Doctoral Degree Admission

Admission to the Postgraduate Program in Interdisciplinary Surgical Science is ongoing throughout the year.

1. Registration
Documents can be delivered in person or by mail to:
Program of PG in Interdisciplinary Surgical Science of UNIFESP-EPM
Rua Napoleão de Barros, 610. Vila Clementino
CEP: 04024-002 - São Paulo - S.P.

2. Registration Documents
2.1. Registration form completed, with photo and signed. [FORM]
2.2. Certificate of doctoral thesis.
2.3. Curriculum Lattes Updated - according to CNPQ model
2.4. Copy of the publication of the doctoral research

3. Post-Doctorate Enrollment
3.1. Registration form completed and signed by the Post-Doctorate, Supervisor and Coordinator of the Program;
3.2. Curriculum Lattes of the student and supervisor updated (do not print)
Documents to send digitally:
3.3. Research project;
3.4. Letter of approval from the ethics committee;
3.5. Diploma or doctorate certificate;
3.6. Accepted article for publication or article published in indexed journal ISI / Medline referring to the doctoral thesis;
3.7. Term of grant or acceptance of the scholarship (for those who will be scholarship holders);
3.8. Office explaining how to maintain the research project (for non-scholars);
3.9. Birth or marriage certificate;
3.10. CPF, RG, voter registration and military certificate;
3.11. 2 (two) photos.

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