Accreditation and re-accreditation of supervisors

1. Initial Accreditation
1.1. Curriculum lattes
1.2. Doctor's degree
1.3. Defined search line.
1.4. 3 (three) articles in ISI / JCR journals in the last 5 years, of which he is the main author (1st, last or corresponding author).
1.5. Have public or private funding under your responsibility.
1.6. Have Oriented 2 theses or dissertations in the last 5 years.

2. Maintenance of accreditation
2.1. Line of research defined, with 4 articles (linked to the research line) in ISI / JCR journals, published in the last 5 years (at least 1 being classified as Qualis as A2 in the area);
2.2. At least 1 item classified as B1 in Qualis of the area with student participation in the last 5 years;
2.3. Proof of at least 1 financing (public or private) under your responsibility, obtained in the last 5 years;
2.4. Have guided at least 2 theses or dissertations in the last 5 years.
2.5. It is recommended the insertion of the advisor in the teaching activities of the undergraduate, postgraduate and scientific initiation of his area of ​​expertise.

















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